Terms and Conditions

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Below are the terms and conditions for working with me. Please read them carefully and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


When you contact me for a quotation, I will provide one based on the work required and the timescale. It may, on occasion, be necessary for me to ask for a sample of the document or audio file. I will be happy to complete a small sample upon request.

It is advisable to contact me for a quotation in good time of any deadlines you may be facing. As is made clear on my pricing page, urgent turnaround times may result in additional charges. You will be notified of these in the quotation.


I will refuse any work that promotes or incites hatred of any kind. I will not work with material that glamorises or promotes illegal drug use or criminal activity of any kind. I will not work with material that includes scenes of violence and/or cruelty.

Booking services in advance

When you book any of my services, you are required to tell me the date I can expect to receive the work and the deadline by which I will need to complete it. In the case of a longer piece, such as a book or thesis, we will decide on an approximate date to be finalised nearer the time of completion.

If you feel you will not be able to meet an agreed deadline to send me work, please do let me know as soon as possible. You can then advise me when you might expect to be able to send it so I can work around my schedule. Please be aware that missing deadlines may result in me being unable to fit in your work (in the unusual event of this happening, I will advise you as soon as possible).

If the eventual project is significantly different or longer than the terms agreed, I reserve the right to turn it down or renegotiate the deadline.

Advice for students

If you require work on a PhD thesis or dissertation, please note that while I will accept the work chapter-by-chapter, this will be priced accordingly. If you would like me to proofread or edit an entire PhD or dissertation document, please remember to book my services in plenty of time ahead of your deadline.

Authorship and plagiarism are very important to me and at no stage will I rewrite any of your original work. Instead, I will use the ‘track changes’ function in Word to make suggestions around spelling, punctuation, grammar and word order. This means it will be up to you to check through the work once I have completed it to decide which of my suggestions you wish to accept or reject.

Should I encounter any plagiarism within a text, I reserve the right to refuse to work any further. I also reserve the right to charge for any work I have completed up to that point.

Invoicing and payment

In most cases, I will send an invoice once I have completed your work. Payment is due on receipt of the invoice, unless we have a previously agreed arrangement. If you think your payment will be delayed, please notify me of this and I am happy to work with you.

I accept payment via Paypal or bank transfer. I will provide payment information on the invoice.

In the event of late payment, I reserve the right to engage a debt recovery service to collect payment. Plenty of warning and opportunity for you to pay will be given before this stage is reached. If I am forced to engage their services, you will be liable for their charges and these will be added to your total bill.

When we negotiate, I will remind you to carefully read these terms and conditions. Sending me your work, or emailing me to state you wish to go ahead, acts as your agreement of them.

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