GDPR and privacy statement

The following information explains how I use your data. Please read it carefully. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

How do I collect your data?

  • Client information needed to fulfill my HMRC (UK tax authority) obligations.
  • Word/PDF files and audio files which may contain data on the client or their subject.
  • Email addresses from completion of the ‘Contact Me’ box on my website.

What data do I collect?

  • I only collect data needed to fulfill my HMRC (UK tax authority) obligations. Therefore, a name and email address required for my invoice is all that I collect from clients.
  • Email addresses provided through the ‘Contact Me’ box on the website are used for contact only. If we do not set up a working relationship, I will delete your email address. I do not store this data or use it for any other purpose.
  • Any data collected is done so only with the permission of clients and, if necessary, with the permission of their research subjects.

Where do I store data?

  • Client email addresses are stored on my email system. Work files sent to me and invoices for completed work are stored on my computer’s digital filing system. My computer is password-secured and protected with anti-virus software.

How long do I store data?

  • HMRC laws mean that I have to retain client information for five years from the date of my tax return.
  • I retain audio files for one month and work files for up to two years. After this time, they are deleted.

How does a client have their data removed?

  • Should a client choose to have their emails and invoices deleted and removed from my files, after the above period, I will do so on receipt of an email request.
  • Should a client wish for work files to be deleted, I will do so on receipt of an email request.

How do I share data?

  • I do not share any data with third parties unless a client specifically requests that I do.
  • No data is used for marketing or selling purposes.
  • I do not share data with other editors, proofreaders, or third parties (with the exception of HMRC should they legally request to see it).

I am very grateful to Liz Dexter for her permission to refer to her website’s ( GDPR/privacy statement. All errors are my own.

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