The A-Z of research: A is for activity

In this blog we start a new series, ‘The A-Z of research’. As you can probably guess from the title, each week we we will work our way through a letter of the alphabet (or as many of them as possible), tackling a different aspect of research. Let’s start at the very beginning (as theContinue reading “The A-Z of research: A is for activity”

The PhD Files: Tackling the viva

I realise that the title of this blog makes the viva sound like an insurmountable challenge. Something that needs to taken down and ‘tackled’. I promise you this is not the case. I know because I have first-hand experience. I’ve sat in the hot-seat and I’ve defended my thesis until I could defend no more,Continue reading “The PhD Files: Tackling the viva”

Being self-employed – a couple of thoughts

Today’s post is something slightly different. While, usually, I offer some tips for those of you in the midst of a PhD, or we delve into a fabulous book in the Nineteenth-Century Book Club, today I have something I need to get off my chest. I promise not to get too negative or whiny, butContinue reading “Being self-employed – a couple of thoughts”

The PhD Files: Conference Planning

In a previous post, we explored the different options available to you if you are thinking about attending a conference. Today, we’re sticking with the conference theme, but this time let’s take a look at what happens when you decide to plan your very own… It may sound obvious, but the first thing you shouldContinue reading “The PhD Files: Conference Planning”

The Nineteenth-Century Book Club: Christmas Tales

As we are well and truly into December, I thought it only right that the next meeting of the Nineteenth-Century Book Club explored some of the wonderful Victorian Christmas stories written by some of our favourite authors. Not only are you sure to enjoy these tales yourself, a Christmas collection could come in very handyContinue reading “The Nineteenth-Century Book Club: Christmas Tales”