Welcome to The Proof Doctor

Hello and welcome to The Proof Doctor. I am delighted and excited to be writing my first ever blog. As you may have read by now, I am a freelance proofreader, copy-editor and transcriptionist. The site outlines all of the details, so please do browse the links for more information! So, how did all of this begin?

My love of language, literature and reading goes as far back as I can remember (as far back as my mum teaching me how to read my nursery flashcards!) and it has served me very well throughout my life up to this point. In fact, I love English so much, that I achieved my PhD in the subject in 2018. My background is a fairly academic one. Over the course of my research years and beyond, I have worked as a visiting lecturer, spoken at and arranged conferences, been invited to speak at symposiums and been lucky enough to have my research published in peer-reviewed journals. Along the way, I have also worked as a website editor and writer. As you can imagine, all of these things have involved a lot of proofreading and editing (of my own writing and the writing of others).

I have always enjoyed helping people tweak and polish their words until they sound just right. It was this passion combined with my experience, that got me thinking that perhaps I could offer my services to help others…and The Proof Doctor was born! So here I am, embarking on my next chapter.

I have a number of ideas for future blogs and I am sure the upcoming ones will feature plenty of tips about writing (academic and non-academic), reading, literature and who knows what else in between! I hope you join me.

Until then, thank you for reading The Proof Doctor’s inaugural blog. Happy writing and see you next time.

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